2014 Keller MORSTEIN


Keller, Westhofener Morstein Pinot Noir Grosses Gewächs 2012 Rheinhessen

Score 19/20 JR
„What a wonderful bottle with which Julia and I celebrated having completed the mammoth task of updating the Oxford Companion to Wine for its fourth edition! Klaus Peter Keller kindly sent over an early sample of this wine designed for auction and labelled Alte Reben – Julia thought from vines grafted over to cuttings from Fred Mugnier of Chambolle. Just 300 of the new VDP GG burgundy bottles (handsome but admirably restrained in terms of weight) were filled in August 2012 and we felt truly privileged to be able to enjoy one. Mid bright crimson and then immediately intensely perfumed, hugely seductive in the red fruit and violet spectrum. On the palate were very fine tannins on the finish and medium body but this wine delightfully combines fruit sweetness and really appetising savouriness, yet no suggestion of obvious oak. It may close down for a while but for the moment is gorgeously accessible and beautifully balanced, yet promises even more complexity in the future. KP sent me a picture of the tiny but perfect grapes harvested in 2012 which I will try to include in this tasting note. If G-Max set an auction record, surely this one will follow in its footsteps.“




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