2004 Col d`Orcia „Poggio al Vento“ Brunello Riserva

„Col D’Orcia makes two different Brunelli – a normale and a single vineyard Riserva bottling – Poggio al Vento. The Riserva Poggio al Vento is only made in selected vintages and in years where it isn’t made, Col d’Orcia has, on occasion, produced a straight Brunello Riserva instead.

In order to understand the hierarchy of Brunello at Col d’Orcia, a little explanation of the soil variations at the estate comes in very handy. From the bottom of the valley (100 m above sea level) to 250 m, the soil is generally young with a predominance of clay, but still retaining some skeletal structure with stones and pebbles. As you reach higher elevations toward the top of the hill however, the soil type is “alberese”, a limestone and mineral rich soil found in Tuscany. So why is the seven hectare Poggio Al Vento vineyard special? Francesco explained that although the soil here is also “alberese”, there is a very high component of calcium which raises the PH to over 8, as opposed to 7 to 7.5 on the other areas on the hill. When you combine this soil structure with the vineyard’s southwesterly exposure and the unique climactic conditions of the Orcia valley, you can begin to understand why Poggio al Vento is a superior site for cultivating the Sangiovese worthy of a top Brunello di Montalcino Riserva.“

Wunderschöner Brunello, trotz der Jugend. Geprägt von großer Finesse&Eleganz, Kirschfrucht, kräftige Säure, Gewürze, erdig-mineralische Elemente und ein Hauch von Mon Chèri im Finish. Mamma mia, echte Grandezza. Braucht mindestens noch 5-10 Jahre. 



A real beauty! Tremendous finesse&elegance with flavors of morello cherry, spice, earthy-mineral elements and a touch of „Mon Chèri“ in the finish. In addition a huge acidity. No doubt it is a baby, needs 5-10 more years. True GRANDEZZA


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