2008 Thierry Allemand „Reynard“ Cornas

„Thierry Allemand did not come from a family with a history of winemaking, and was not fortunate enough to be the recipient of a family estate of vines as is the case with many other great French domaines. Allemand grew up in Cornas, surrounding by ancient vines, because his father, a factory worker, had settled there. Fascinated by the vineyards that were all around him, he developed a passion for the local wine that may have exceeded that of many of the vignerons! He started off as a cellar-rat at Domaine Robert Michel, and worked there for over a decade, gaining a valuable understanding of the wine. Concurrently, in his spare time, he was cleaning up an abandoned vineyard which he had purchased in 1981.

Allemand’s first vintage was in 1982, with a minuscule production of about 64 cases! The quantities have increased since then, which is fortunate as so has worldwide demand for these wines. A typical annual production is now ten times this amount. Although Allemand began by producing a single cuvée, in 1990 and in most vintages since he has produced two cuvées. Firstly there is Les Chaillots, sourced from the limestone slopes of Chaillot to the northwest of Cornas and from La Côte, a granitic slope just to the west. The vines here are generally less than 30 years of age. The cuvée Reynard is sourced from the slopes of the same name to the west of the village, where some of the best sites are to be found. This is a very well established site, including some old vines of 80 years of age purchased from brothers Louis and Noel Verset. Yields at both sites are low, typically between 20 and 30 hl/ha. After fermentation both wines are stored in cask and inox (more wood for Reynard) for about a year before racking by gravity, a light fining if required, and bottling. The wines are not filtered.“

„Thierry Allemand gehört zu den Kultwinzern der Rhone und seine Weine sind dafür bekannt, daß sie durch möglichst wenig Eingriff entstehen; d.h. sie entstehen mit Stielen, werden minimal geschwefelt und unfiltriert ausgebaut. Im Keller wird mit Schwerkraft gearbeitet. Im Weinberg findet man alte Reben und es wird biodynamisch gearbeitet.“

A successful mix of rustic and elegance. Floral perfume and the Syrah floats velvety over the palate.  Dark fruit compote and flavors of strawberry from the forest, plum, licorice, lavender&violet, spice and a smoky minerality. At the beginning due to its age a bit too much fruit compote with a hint of volatile acidity.  But much better after 1 hour with air and more harmony.  Faszinatinating mix of savageness&beefiness and velvet elegance.  A real character wine! Of course very young at the moment, but BIG potential.



Eine gelungene Mischung aus Rustikalität & Eleganz. Florales Bukett und der Syrah gleitet dann samtig über den Gaumen.  Dunkles Beerenkompott und dazu noch Noten von Walderdbeeren, Pflaumen, Lakritze, Lavendel&Veilchen, Gewürze und eine rauchige Mineralität.  Zu Beginn ein bißchen zu kompottig für meinen Geschmack und ein Hauch von flüchtiger Säure ist auch feststellbar.  Aber nach 1 Stunde harmonisiert sich das alles auf angenehme Weise. Wie gesagt, diese Mischung aus Wildheit&Fleischigkeit und samtige Eleganz fasziniert.  Ein Charakterwein! Noch sehr jung, gar keine Frage und ich attestiere ein großes Potential.





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